Accelerator Swab Refill

Get whiter teeth TWICE as fast. Clinically proven.
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  • Peroxide free

  • 99% NATURAL formula

  • Up to 8 shades whiter teeth

  • FDA registered

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Clinically Proven Results

The essential first step towards your new smile, our patented swabs deeply cleanse the teeth and maximize the absorption of our Pop Smile Teeth Whitening Gel. Our clinical study showed that when used as part of your teeth whitening routine they will help you achieve your smile goals in 50% less time. Swabs are included in both our Ultimate and Essential Teeth Whitening Kits but if you are addicted to their cleaning and refreshing action, you can order as many refills as you like!


5x 0.2ml Whitening Accelerator Swabs

How it works

Apply pre treatment swabs to your teeth prior to using the whitening gel.


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Increase the awesomeness of your treatment.

Our patented pre-treatment swabs are the essential first step in your Pop Smile routine. They deeply clean and prep your teeth, allowing our 99% natural, peroxide-free whitening formula to absorb deeply and do its thing. Don’t skip this step as it halves your treatment time. Yep, that means whiter teeth 50% faster. Who’s smiling now?

In search of the ultimate teeth whitening treatment? Check out our Ultimate Teeth Whitening Kit

  • - Up to 8 shades whiter teeth in 9 days. Clinically proven.
  • - 99% natural and non-peroxide formula.
  • - Safe even on sensitive teeth.
  • - Everything you need in one kit.

Get it here: Pop Smile Ultimate Teeth Whitening Kit